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Our Mission ūüĆć

What does it mean to be a Hopper?

We wake up every morning
with the same watchwords.

The human being is the first pillar. Our will is to federate and bring people together
people around a common goal. We want to show people that they must
dare to dream, to listen and to work together in order to open the field of
possible. We learn from each other: this project is a real
human adventure.

Accessibility as a second pillar. Our daily specifications
is transparency, access to information and the versatility of our products.

Innovation and sustainability,
a necessity. We want to be able to offer solutions that are as close as possible to
while limiting our environmental impact as much as possible.
Revaluing materials, producing in France, raising awareness around us to
to change things.

What about you ? Are you a
Hopper ?! #ImAHopper

Our team



Il est¬†: Fan of soccer and accounting, he doesn’t let anything go by!

Super power : Calm and pragmatic



Il est : A tennis fan and a competitor at heart. He will not hesitate to use his forehand to get to the net.

Super power : Federative and always in a good mood


Mme.Inchargeof communication and digital marketing

Elle est : Creative and composed. A perfect complement to this great trio.

Super power : Successfully channeling both Victor & Hugo

J√©r√īme, Benjamin, Lou, Emilie, Julie, Melvin, Victor et Hugo

The Co-founders

Ils sont : Young, old, ambitious engineers.

Super pouvoir :  Their desire to change the world. To launch a movement that will improve access to sport for all.