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Our Mission 🌍

We want to enable anyone with a lower-limb amputation to take part in physical activity without being limited by technical or economic considerations.

Our vision đź’ˇ

Access to sport is a key issue in the reconstruction of amputees. Sport for health or leisure has real physical and psychological benefits, which is why access to it must be universal. 

The solutions we come up with have to take account of our world and its problems, whether societal, economic or environmental. We are deeply optimistic that the pooling of knowledge and skills will enable us to meet the major challenges that lie ahead. We are convinced that the movement we have initiated will have a profound impact on the vision and place of sport in society for people with disabilities. 

Collaborative innovation with a strong societal impact and minimal environmental impact: that’s the Hopper vision.

Our values 🌱

What does it mean to be a Hopper?

We wake up every morning with the same watchwords.

  • The human being. Our will is to bring people together around a common goal. We want to show people that they must dare to dream, listen and work together in order to open the field of possible. We learn so much from each other… Hopper is not just a blade. It is a wonderful human adventure!
  • Accessibility. Our daily specifications is transparency, access to information and the versatility of our products.
  • Innovation and sustainability. Our blades are made out of upcycled carbon fibers that would have been discarded otherwise and they are 100 % made in France. Limiting our environmental impact as much as we can is an issue that we constantly bear in mind.

What about you ? Are you a Hopper ?! 


Our team





Nathalie PINIER

International Relations Representative



Clotilde HAS

R&D Apprentice

Hugo, Victor, Lou, Benjamin, Émilie, Jérôme, Julie, Melvin

The founders

Lou-Emmanuelle LECLERCQ

Head of Marketing

Orion SHU

Sales Intern


Head of Sales


Spielberg Intern