The Hopper sports Blade

A versatile and comfortable sports blade adapted to sports resumption and to trail lovers. Its favorite activities: running, trail running, hiking. Its comfort and its ultra fast grip will surprise you.

And you, what will you do with it?

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Flexibility, comfort and versatility are the essence of this first sport blade. Available in 5 different stiffness versions to adapt to your weight, your sports activities and desires. A plug and play version that will surprise you. Road, trail, mountain hiking, trail… Don’t limit yourself anymore!

The C shape of our blade allows energy absorption for a restitution at the best moment during your activity. The flexibility of our upgraded carbon fiber allows to combine comfort and dynamism. Its lightness allows you to limit your muscular fatigue and reduces the amount of effort required.


General information

Its advantages: comfort, versatility and ease of use

Amputation level: transtibial, knee disarticulation, hip disarticulation and transfemoral

Activity level: long distance running / hiking / trails

Trial and purchase: through your ortho-prosthesist

Design and production: Albi and Nantes, France


Technical characteristics

Material : carbon fiber upcycled from aeronautics

Weight: 840 g (blade + outsole + adapter)

Versions: 5 ranges of stiffness (XS to XL)

Waterproof: usable in contact with water

Sole: Salomon Blue Fire sole (all road)

Adapter: male or female

Maximum user weight: 110 Kg


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