Try the Hopper blade

Starting a free 2-week test period

Running with the Hopper sports blade for the first time is always a great experience, whether for the user or the prosthetist!

How to get access to the free 2-week test period

To better understand the needs and choose the more appropriate blade, you only have to fill in the form available with the following “Starting the trial” button!

You will receive the blade in less than 48 hours directly from the prosthetist throughout Europe.

You have the blade available for free for 2 weeks as a trial. It is where the Hopper adventure begins!

For the prosthetist

We provide you with online resources to help you adjust the blade, support your patient in their first steps and we remain available remotely at any time to help you in the process!

For the blade user

We can provide you sports programs created in collaboration with physiotherapists to help you get back into running. Don’t hesitate to ask us during your trial!

We also provide personalized support to all users and we remain at your disposal to answer all your questions. 

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Step 1

Filling out the form and getting your blade 
Help us understand your wishes and needs so that we can lend you the appropriate blade.

Step 2

Free 2-week trial

Enjoying the blade, asking for the online resources and  sharing feedbacks to our team to be advised!

Step 3

And next?

Final feedbacks and possible adjustments… you’re now ready to order your own blade!